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Website Design

Your web site represents your business and must be functional for your current clients yet attract potential clients. We can build you a custom site using your ideas and design concepts or we can work with you on redeveloping your current site.

As the Internet continues to develop, users will require more interaction and movement. Dove Media Works provides techniques to increase productivity, optimize time spent on the project and output a quality site for both the client and the developer.

Our customers have a vision of what they want. They may know exactly what they want, or they may need some creative input from us. Either way, we here at Dove Media Works aim to provide to our customers with exactly what they envision. When we consult with our customers, we ask them questions, and we get to know their needs. In the end we turn imagination into reality.

When most people think of designing a web site HTML comes to mind. But there's more to designing a web page than just HTML. HTML is the basics of a web page. It's the backbone of all web pages, but there's much more besides HTML. Feedback forms are more complex than simple HTML. We work to make web pages come to life and strive to make all of our clients seen as market leaders in terms of their web sites, using the cutting edge of technology and utilizing everything necessary to make the site enjoyable, imaginative, efficient and productive.

Whether the design specifications call for tightly integrated functionality such as that seen in Flash or Javascript, or simple HTML, we work hard to use all the major internet technologies and techniques at our disposal. A commercial web site exists in order to be productive. It needs to raise awareness or to make direct sales. It also needs to focus on improving profit and receiving a return on investment. In order to achieve this, the web site must include optimum functionality, something that can only be provided by skilled designers and programmers, such as those here at Brew Designs.

At Dove Media Works we look at Web Design coming in 4 different phases:


  • Decide how to you want it to look.
  • Gather and create the content.
  • Map out the site.
  • Decide on the interface to be used.


  • Create and fine-tune the content.
  • Graphics creation.
  • Write the code (HTML, Java, etc.).
  • Deploy database and server-side programming.
  • Arrange the server administration and hosting.


  • Test the site for cross-platform/browser compatibility.
  • Check all code for consistency, spelling, and functionality.
  • Check the links for accuracy.
  • FTP the site to the server.


  • Routine maintenance.
  • Add any updates and content as needed.
  • Promote site to the public and submit it to the search engines.

Your web site will make a lasting impression on your clients. We can build you a Custom Web Design by using a graphic file of how you want the layout to look, we can take ideas you like from several of your favorite web sites, or we can start from scratch with special ideas you have for your unique web site. We can build you either a Static Website or an Interactive Website.

If your business is on a tight budget, or you just want to do all the modifications to your website yourself? Time is valuable. Do you have time restraints and don't have time to outsource to have someone else update your page(s) days after you need it done? Our Content Management System is what you've been looking for.

Let us help you create your specialized website or to give your current website a new look. Contact Us for a quote.